All the lectures in DuckPond have teaching licenses or experience of teaching other than at English conversation schools so the way they teach is attentive and understandable. You can entrust your children with us.

サイモン フォストン先生

Simon Foston


セントアンドリュース大学、文学修士 (優等)、 英文学西イングランド大学,中 等教育大学院修了,英語


After twenty years of teaching English, what have I learned? I have taught adults and children of all ages and backgrounds, and I know that everyone learns in different ways, for different reasons. So no two classes can be the same, but one thing is the same for everyone. In 2020 English will become a key part of the elementary school curriculum, and a much bigger part of our lives. That might seem daunting, but it is in fact a golden opportunity.
I also know that children can really master English when reading, writing and speaking in English is for life, not just for school, and I have learned how to teach at the children’s pace, teach words and sentences that will actually be useful to them and make learning fun. Whether they are coming to English for the first time or continuing their education in Japan after going to school in an English-speaking environment, in our classes at DuckPond we combine the best content from leading ELT publishers with the principles and methods of primary school education for native speakers to make English an essential part of your children’s lives in 2020 and beyond.


Itsumi Mizutani


学歴:広島大学(音楽教育学/学士)、キングストン大学大学院(音楽教育学/Master of Art / 優等)

I have taught music at elementary school and junior high school. I also teach music education at university. The aim of music education is not only to learn how to play instruments or differentiate pitch. We are using these skills to enjoy music throughout our lives and that is the aim. The same principle applies to learning English.

 I studied music education at graduate school in London. Music learning in England is different from in Japan because there is more on creative activities. On the other hand, music education in Japan enables children to acquire skills. Our classes at Duck Pond combine the best parts of both teaching approaches.

 I love spending time with students because they make that time meaningful. I cannot wait to enjoy music and English together with children.

フィリップ アレン先生

Phililip Allen






Music is a great way to communicate with other cultures and a gateway to further opportunities. It is our goal to help guide you through the development of your musical ambitions and to give you a platform to express yourself.