DuckPond International School
Open Jun 3rd 2019

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Supervised by Kagoshima University Professors

First International School will open in Kagoshima

What's New


Features of DPI


Teaching Licence Policy

It is not outstanding any more that all teachers are just native or bilingual English speakers. In their careers teachers in DPI have taught at schools other than Eikaiwa. Therefore, the way they teach is professional. 


Supervised by University Professirs


 University professors who have given advice to teachers in elementary schools and junior high schools supervise DPI courses. They also have made comparative studies between Japanese and western education, so they can promise lessons of the highest quality.


Study in English


 School where your children can learn in English, not only than study English.
For those who can already speak English classes such as fine art, music, or English (as it is taught in English-speaking countries) are available.


First time study in English? Don't worry!


DPI has classes that meet the learning needs of all children.
If your children are new to learning English you do not need to be worried because bilingual Japanese assistants work alongside professional teachers to help them.


For dual-income family


If you take regular classes for primary school children (Duck or Duckling courses), you will be given priority for the option of enrolling for extended classes (for a fee).
 As your children can learn until 7 o'clock in the evening, it is a convenient plan for a dual-income family. 


You can watch your children anytime


You can watch your children anytime
DPI is planning to install webcams which record classes all the time. You can watch your children studying any time though your computer or mobile device.

DuckPond international school